Latest Masterpieces

Here are 2 of Landry’s most recent drawings. The first is a picture of our van that he drew this morning before church.

This one is a picture of himself that he colored in Sunday School. Notice the near perfect placement of the facial features, as well as the eyelashes. Not bad for a 3 1/2 year-old!!


2 Responses to Latest Masterpieces

  1. Beverly Sawyer says:

    I’m simply blown away by the intricacy of Landry’s drawing of himself! As a teacher and one who has worked with preschooler’s I can honestly say that I have never seen a 3-year old draw these kinds of details. I have seen many of Landry’s drawings and have been greatly surprised at how good they are, but this one has to be tops so far.

    Landry, you are a budding artist and oh so smart .(Of course, as your “Mimi” I could be a little biased, HA!, but I don’t think so in this case.)

  2. Beverly Sawyer says:

    Hey Landry,
    I have to add to my note written at first that your bus picture is quite amazing, too. Even this picture looks more like one that an artistic 8-year old might have drawn (in my opinion, anyhow). Keep up the great drawing!

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