Micah at 16 Months

I can’t believe he’s already 16 months (as of yesterday!) It seems like I was just writing a few days ago to say that he was 15 months. Boy, time sure does fly fast with the second kiddo!

Anyway, Micah’s still not walking although he pulls up on any & everything he can find & cruises nicely around the furniture. He still loves being around brother & I think he’s going to have the same passion for cars as his big bro Landry. He makes the cutest car noises & firetruck sirens as he is playing. He babbles a lot although we don’t really know what he’s saying most of the time. I try to get Landry to translate, but he doesn’t know either. His favorite words are “banana” and duck,” besides the usual “Mama” & “Dada.” He waves goodbye & smiles extra big when he sees Daddy. He is definitely a Daddy’s boy! I think it’s because Chuck throws him around & bounces him extra hard, which Micah absolutely loves!! He’s going to be our thrill-seeker! His favorite thing is when Chuck holds him across his arms & then rolls him onto the bed superfast…yes, it’s a little frightening for Mommy, but Micah seems to love it.

He currently has 4 teeth although he’s got 4 more about to erupt any day now. (It seems like my kids get all their teeth at once instead of one at a time. Landry was the same way.) He’s now just a few ounces over 20 pounds and his appetite varies a lot. Some days he’ll try anything & it seems like he can’t get enough food and then other days he won’t eat anything but bread, bananas & cheese. He loves yogurt, provolone cheese, bananas, sweet potato puffs, and any type of bread.

He really likes books, although I’m ashamed to say that we don’t read with him as much as we did with Landry. Those of you who have more than one child can identify I’m sure! Something just happens to your time & it seems as though you have to try twice as hard to fit everything in! Crazy how that happens! I’m trying to make more of a concerted effort to read with Micah more. I did put a little book in his crib & every morning when I go to get him out, he’s sitting up “reading” his book. It’s so cute!

He’s still a great napper and can be pretty flexible with his naps. If we’re home not doing anything, he takes 2, but if we’re out or have a morning Bible study or Sunday school, he’s fine just taking one in the early afternoon. It’s really nice to have that flexibility. He doesn’t suck his thumb like big bro Landry, but he does love his “blankie” just like big bro Landry. He loves to snuggle with it & if he’s cranky, just give him his blue blankie & he’s happy!

Micah is a sweet, sweet boy, just like his big brother Landry and I feel so blessed to be their Mommy!!


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