4th of July

July 10, 2008

We had a wonderful 4th of July! Chuck intercepted Landry in the morning & let me sleep in a little (until 8:00!) Then Chuck spent a few hours playing Ultimate Frisbee (his favorite) with the guys while the kids & I went to Walmart & did laundry. After the boys’ naps we went over to some friends’ house where several other of our friends were hanging out. We had a cookout & just talked & watched the kids run around. It was such a great time & what a pleasure to get to catch up with some old friends who we hadn’t seen in a while.

Hangin\' Out


Here’s Landry playing with his good friend, Kaylee.  Around 7:30 we left & went to this Christian campground out in the country where they had a huge 4th of July celebration with fun activities for the kids & music, as well as fireworks. It was a magical experience for the boys! They were both in awe of the fireworks & the noise didn’t seem to bother them at all! I was a little hesitant to even go thinking that the loud noise would upset them in addition to it being WAY past bedtime by the time the show would begin! But it was great & Chuck reminded me that it’s okay to let the kids get out of their routine every now & then, especially for special occasions like 4th of July. He’s right!! These are the experiences in life that make so many memories. Landry’s still talking about the cool fireworks!

(More pictures coming soon…)


Laughs at Prayertime

July 9, 2008

Tonight we were praying with Landry as usual. Chuck was so eloquently praying when he said, “And we pray for Mommy & Data You give them wisdom…” (He meant to say “we pray for mommy & daddy that You would give them wisdom…”) Landry caught the word merge right away & started cracking up. But what was even funnier was that he began to imitate Chuck over & over saying, “Mommy & Data…” with a silly voice and a goofy look on his face. He must have repeated it about 20 times & each time he said it, it was funnier & funnier! We were all belly-aching & it was so much fun!! Good times!! (I know this probably doesn’t seem as funny to those who are reading this post, but believe me, it was hilarious!!)


July 1, 2008

For the past month or so we’ve had a guest staying in our home. She does everything with us. She eats with us. She goes shopping with us. She goes to church with us. She swings with us in the backyard. She goes to the park with us. She goes out to eat with us. She goes to Bible Study with us on Wednesday mornings. She plays with Landry’s toys. She cries sometimes. She laughs a lot. She takes showers with us. She even sleeps with Landry in his bunk bed. And anytime we go anywhere Landry is very careful to make sure she is buckled into her car seat.

Her name is “Boo” (from Monsters Inc.) And she is Landry’s imaginary friend…

(Notice Landry’s right hand behind him “holding” Boo’s hand as they walk back from the mailbox. Hee-hee!)