Micah at 21 Months

micahcutesmileWow!  I can’t believe Micah’s 21 months old today!  How the time is flying!!  

Micah has changed quite a bit this past month.  He now has a mouth full of teeth.  He’s eating like a horse (most days, anyway.)  He chatters all the time and we’re beginning to understand at least a little of his chatter, although still not as much as we’d like.  He runs everywhere & much prefers to walk than to be carried.  He loves to do anything & everything that big brother Landry is doing.  



He’s now beginning to sit longer to read a few books.  His favorites are “The Story of Jesus” and “Good Morning Engines” (a Thomas the Tank Engine book that makes all kinds of fun sounds.)  He really enjoys going to “school” 2 days a week and no longer cries when I drop him off.  He loves to wave & say “hi” to people we see at the store.  And for some reason he is especially fond of older men.  He absolutely adores my grandfather & won’t go to anyone else as long as Granddad is around.  And of course, Granddad doesn’t mind one bit!!  

He’s such a sweet boy and loves to give hugs & kisses, which I just can’t get enough of!


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