Landry’s Favorite Song

Landry has always loved to sing and now he’s really into Chris Tomlin songs.   His favorite is “The City Song” as he calls it…it’s really called “God of This City” from Chris Tomlin’s “Hello Love” album.  I was finally able to catch him singing it on video.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!  (Try to ignore the grossly out of tune piano & the sound of Chuck playing with Micah in the background.)


2 Responses to Landry’s Favorite Song

  1. Tammi says:

    What joy! Priceless that you could catch it on video. I too love that song! His birthday party looked so fun, how creative! His cake was adorable! Micah is gettting so big. Hope all four of you are doing awesome!

  2. theevansspot says:

    I love that song too! Very cute! What a way to have that camera handy…good job!

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