Singing Like an Angel

Landry has been going to Children’s Day Out this year & he absolutely loves it! His teachers are so sweet & he’s made so many new friends. He even had his first “girlfriend” according to his teacher. They belly-ached together about the blocks falling over…the things kids find amusing. Also they would run together in the gym holding hands. I don’t know where he learned about all that…It must have been the girl initiating!! (Hee-hee!) But who can blame her? How can you resist those big blue eyes & outrageous eyelashes! Not to mention his sweet, sensitive spirit & fun loving personality! (Of course, I’m not biased or anything!!)

Anyway, among the things that I’ve loved about him going to “school” there is what he has learned in Chapel. They teach them wonderful songs…and I don’t mean “Zaccheus Was a Wee Little Man” and “This Little Light of Mine”…although these are good songs too!! But he’s learning praise & worship songs like “Awesome God,” “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” and “Shout to the Lord.” What a precious sound it is to hear my 3-year-old praising the Lord at the top of his lungs! He sings all the time & I love it!! Of course we sing at least one song together, if not more, at night after we pray, but most nights he can be heard praising the Lord as he falls asleep. And every morning I hear him humming these praise songs as he wakes up. So sweet!!

He usually gets shy if you ask him to sing for the camera or for other people, but we got lucky the other day & he allowed us to capture him singing on video after dinner. Hope you enjoy!!


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