Micah’s Walking!!!

This evening Micah finally just took off walking!  It was so awesome!!  We are all so excited, especially Landry!  We just had to share!


2 Responses to Micah’s Walking!!!

  1. Beverly Sawyer says:

    What a treasured video this will be for you and all of us in the family for years to come! Yea, Micah!

  2. Tammi says:

    Yea, Micah!! We are so proud. Walking is hard stuff and you have mastered it well. Gina and Chuck, it is so fun that you put the video on your blog, we need to learn how to do that, I don’t think our video camera does it. Anyway, such a fun way so we can all experience his first steps. Glad that school and everything got off to a great start! Talk to you soon.

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