Micah at 22 Months

February 6, 2009

Micah has really started showing his sweet personality these past few weeks.  He’s starting to say many more words & is really quite funny.  He’s difficult to discipline because he’s so cute & makes the most adorable faces when we try to scold him.  (I will post a video soon demonstrating this.)

Micah loves bubbles & just can’t get enough of them.  He loves “Memo” as he calls everyone’s favorite fish, Nemo.  He loves to “talk” on his cell phone and has these very serious conversations that we have no clue what he’s actually saying.  Micah loves trains, which he calls “choo-choos.”  He still loves his blue blanket, which he now calls his “dodgy”…no idea where that came from.  He says “dank oo” (thank you) almost every time he receives something…or gives something.   Micah loves to give hugs & kisses…such a sweet boy!

Cheesy Micah

And he loves to help me with the household chores, especially putting the dirty clothes in the washing machine & emptying the dishwasher.  Mommy's little helper