Landry’s Favorite Song

January 17, 2009

Landry has always loved to sing and now he’s really into Chris Tomlin songs.   His favorite is “The City Song” as he calls it…it’s really called “God of This City” from Chris Tomlin’s “Hello Love” album.  I was finally able to catch him singing it on video.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!  (Try to ignore the grossly out of tune piano & the sound of Chuck playing with Micah in the background.)


Landry’s 4th Birthday

January 12, 2009

Landry turned 4 years old on January 3rd, so we had a big birthday party for him.  He loves fire trucks so we decided to go with a fireman theme.  Of course we decorated with lots of streamers & balloons in addition to turning the house into “Fire Station #4.”  

Landry's 4th B-day Party

After we ate a few sandwiches, chips & fruit, we started the “Junior Firefighter Training.”  We even had a real Fireman there…Landry’s Uncle Dan.  First the kiddos had to lie down & pretend to be sleeping.  When the emergency siren went off, they had to jump up, put on their fireman coats & hats and feed the firehouse dog (Vader the “dalmation”) before leaving the Fire Station.  Then they all went outside to the “fire.”  They busted down the “wall” with the “axe” & then climbed the ladder to rescue the “baby” from the building.  Then they ran over to the other buildings on “fire” and all sprayed their “hoses” (silly string) to put out the “fire.”  Once the training was successfully completed, each child received a “Junior Firefighter” badge.  

Landry's Fireman Party

We then came inside to eat Landry’s fire truck cake.  We all had a great day & will remember this birthday for a long time!!

The Cake

Christmas Morning

January 11, 2009

We had the best Christmas this year!  Landry especially got into celebrating Jesus’ birthday…and of course enjoyed all the presents & spending time with family.  Micah still doesn’t quite get it, but had fun anyway.  I’m already looking forward to next year when they are a year older and can understand even more about the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Morning 2008