More Drawings…

September 19, 2008

Here are a few more drawings from our little artist, Landry.  He’s becoming much more detailed in his artwork.  The DoodlePro is still his medium of choice, so we still must rely on the digital camera to preserve his creations.

Here Landry is drawing a picture of his church.

Here is a picture of a car and towtruck on the road with a helicopter surrounded by clouds in the sky.


More Cute Sayings

September 15, 2008

-One morning Landry kept sneezing over and over.  Every time he sneezed I said, “Bless you!”  After a few more sneezes, he responded, “Why do I keep ‘bless-you-ing’?”

-Our dog, Vader, was barking loudly at someone walking down the sidewalk in front of our house.  Landry yells, “Vader, you need to watch your atti’dude’!”   (Do you think he’s heard that before?)

-One morning right after Landry woke up, he had gone pee-pee in the potty, but had not yet washed his hands.  He started to suck his thumb.  I said, “Wait…don’t suck your thumb until after we wash your hands or else you’ll get germy bugs in your mouth.”  Then he responded, “But if I don’t suck my thumb, then I can’t walk.”  (Now that’s what I call an addiction!)

(This picture was taken a few months ago after Landry woke from a nap & had tried to put his shirt on by himself…somehow it ended up backwards.)

Micah’s Walking!!!

September 9, 2008

This evening Micah finally just took off walking!  It was so awesome!!  We are all so excited, especially Landry!  We just had to share!

First Day of School

September 2, 2008

This morning I dropped the boys off at their Preschool/Children’s Day Out for the first time this year. Although Landry went to school there last year, he was a little hesitant as he would be in a new classroom with 2 new teachers. Fortunately 3 of his classmates from last year were also in his class, which helped a bit.

Micah, however, has never been to school. He was so funny this morning! He didn’t cry at all, but as soon as we walked up to the door of his classroom, he began shaking his head “no” quite vigorously. He never even made a peep, but kept his head moving back & forth, as if to say, “No way, Mom! I’m not going in there!” Eventually I was able to peel off his little hands which were clinging with a death-grip to my neck & shoulder. After I dropped Landry off, I stopped back by Micah’s room just to peek in on him and he was on the floor playing quite contentedly with a new friend.

Chuck was able to pick the boys up afterwards and as soon as I got home, I asked Landry how his first day at school went. He had the biggest smile on his face and said he had fun. Also he said his “teachers are nice” and “Caleb, Maddie & Abbie” are in his class, along with some new friends…”But I don’t know their names yet,” he stated.

Then he said, “I only cried once.” When asked why he cried, he responded, “Because I hit my head on the trash can…But it was an accident…and the trash can said he was sorry…so I forgave him.”

So overall, I think it was a good first day of school. ‘Course Micah didn’t take a nap at all, but hopefully he’ll figure out how to sleep in the midst of other kiddos soon. And now I’ve begun to pray that the Lord will protect them both from the slew of kid germs that they’ll be coming in contact with over the next few months.