Landry’s Cute Sayings

August 24, 2008

–Landry ends his prayer with, “In Jesus name, The End.”

–Landry leans over to me and says, “Mommy, you’re such a good girl! I love you!”

–Landry was playing and pretending to be a construction worker. When asked if he would like to help me cut a cantaloupe, he responded, “Mom… I’m a very busy man!!”

–One evening on a day that I had been working, I hugged Landry and told him that I missed him today while I was at work. He then responds, “I think I missed you too.” (You think you missed me?)

–In the past week we had lots of rain, therefore we had several large wild mushrooms pop up in our yard. Landry was quite fascinated with them.  However, Chuck mowed yesterday, so the mushrooms are now gone.  Today Landry noticed that they were no longer in our yard & asked…”Where did the marshmallows go?”  (Mushrooms…marshmallows, not much difference.  How ’bout a mushroom on your s’mores?)

–Landry & I went to the bathroom at a restaurant today at lunch.  The stall was occupied, so we waited quite patiently.  When the woman came out of the stall, Landry looks at her & asks (quite loudly,) “Mommy, did she need to go pee-pee?”


Micah at 17 Months

August 19, 2008

Micah is now 17 months old. He finally took his first unassisted step, although he still definitely prefers to crawl. He’s a speedy little guy & I can barely keep up with him.

He’s gotten several more words, including “Uh-oh” (usually said as he throws food from his tray or his stuffed animals out of his crib or his bath toys out of the tub…) He also says “Ni-Ni” (night night), “go”, “Jesa” (Jesus) & “tank oo” (thank you) a few times, and attempts to say “Landry” although it sounds nothing like it. He also enjoys imitating all kinds of sounds such as sirens, squeaky toys, and animal noises.

Micah enjoys coloring (when he’s not trying to eat the crayon, that is) and he still loves big brother’s cars & trucks.

He loves to be outside looking at the flowers and going on a walk in the wagon with Landry (when it’s not too hot, of course.)

And he still loves to wrestle with Daddy & Landry.

He’ll be starting “school” on Tuesdays & Thursdays in two weeks, so we’ll see how he enjoys that…

Rain, Rain…Don’t Go Away!!

August 15, 2008

Early this morning we finally got some much needed rain.

It was so cute!  Around 7 a.m. as I was taking a shower, Landry bounds into the bathroom exclaiming with much excitement, “It rained, mommy!!  Yea!!  It rained!  God watered our plants today!!” He was clapping & had the biggest smile on his face.  I definitely shared his excitement!!  And hopefully God will “water our plants” even more in the next few days!

(Apparently he had heard us complaining about our recent lack of rain…)

Galveston Trip

August 9, 2008

Last weekend we got to go down to Galveston to visit our good friends, Michael & Crystal and their 3 boys. We had a wonderful time, but it was quite an adventure getting down there. What should have been about a 5 hour trip turned into almost 9 hours.

First we had to try to find a post office before leaving town & the ones we knew of were in the opposite direction, so we decided to just head south and find one along the way. We ended up spending about half an hour driving around downtown Dallas trying to find a post office drop box. But while we were driving around, Micah threw up all over himself and his car seat. He had been quite a bit constipated & was grunting & getting himself all worked up & the combination of that and the fact that he had eaten a large breakfast ended up leaving a huge mess. So we pulled over in some neighborhood, which we realized was a rather shady place to pull over after we had already gotten the clean-up process underway. However at this point we weren’t gonna try to find another place. So after another half hour, Micah & his car seat were all clean and we were ready to head back on the road. Thank goodness for Lysol wipes, Wet Ones, baby wipes & beach towels!

Then we ended up getting caught in traffic just outside of Conroe. An hour and a half after we had been basically creeping along the highway, we finally saw a sign that said the highway was shut down due to an 18-wheeler accident. So we got off the highway and found another route around the mess which we both believe ended up saving us a little time.

Of course we had a few stops for lunch & at the Sam Houston statue to let the kids release some energy & go potty. Then when we were about 10 minutes from arriving at Michael & Crystal’s house, a mattress box spring flew out of the back of an Escalade truck and smacked us right on the driver’s side of the van completely tearing off the side mirror & leaving dents and scrapes along the side of the van. Of course the boys were quite shaken, but were quickly consoled once we all realized that Jesus protected us & no one was hurt. We were able to get the truck to pull over and fortunately the guy was very apologetic & more importantly had insurance to take care of it. Then we finally arrived at their house.

Once we finally got there, we had a great visit and enjoyed taking the boys to the beach the next day, as well as spending time with our friends. Overall it was a wonderful trip…and we made it back home in an uneventful 5 1/2 hours!

Handyman Chuck

August 9, 2008

Last week when we returned from Galveston, I noticed that the power was out in the boys’ rooms. I went to check the breaker box and the breaker to their rooms had tripped. I turned it back on, but within 30 minutes it tripped again. It kept tripping no matter what we unplugged or turned off. So after discussing it with several of our genius friends, we decided to try to change the breaker out ourselves rather than spend the money to call an electrician.

I must say that we were a little nervous about our little handyman adventure…and I say “we” because there was no way I would let Chuck try to change it by himself. I wanted to be close by with the phone ready to call 911 if need be and have a fire extinguisher handy just in case. You see, we are not the most home repair savvy people, so this was quite an adventure for us.

However, we successfully completed our project and the power is restored to the boys’ rooms. Landry was especially happy to have his night light shining tonight after several nights of darkness & Micah was pleased to have his lullaby music soothing him to sleep again.

I’m so proud of my little handyman!! He did a wonderful job!! And we didn’t even need to call 911!


August 4, 2008

Tonight we were at the dinner table eating when Landry came out with, “Hell, hell, hell!”

I shockingly asked, “What did you say?” (half expecting him to just be babbling something random.) But no…he then repeated, “Hell, hell, hell!”

I then sternly asked, “Where did you hear that?”

Landry then answered cheerfully, “At church!!”

Of course…at church! His answer completely caught us off guard. Chuck & I nearly lost it we were laughing so hard!

Once we pulled ourselves together, we then proceeded to have a long discussion about heaven and hell, as well as when it’s okay to say the word “hell” and when it’s not okay to say it. Landry’s final conclusion was that people who love Jesus go to heaven & people who don’t will go to hell (although we don’t want anyone to go to hell.)

Of course, he can already tell you that “Jesus loves us & died on the cross for our sins” and that “He gives us grace & mercy,” but I don’t think we had ever discussed hell. It was a good conversation and Landry seems to get it (as much as a 3 year old can at this point.)